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Nightmare Part II [Dec. 15th, 2004|02:23 pm]
[mood |confusedWhy wont my shift key work?]
[music |Who Killed The Zutons]

Not really a nightmare (Just the name of Zutons song, bought the album, ACE!) Though this is part II so I left you in suspense for ooh less than 24 hours so y'know not as good at it as Neighbours who manage the full 24 hours unless you watch it at lunchtime after the evening before, so maybe I'm just as good as Neighbours at the suspense thing, hmmmm....

Anyhoo after a scrummy dinner round Stacey's on saturday which involved various creamcakes and numerous renditions of Happy Birthday from Emily, my family didnt even sing it once, not hardcore (as Stacey would say).
Anyhoo we headed off to the Gatekeeper with Phil and Josh in tow where we met all my Cowbridge and Band buddios so we had a couple of drinks there before all heading across the street to Clwb Ifor Bach. And while there i got slightly more drunk but not hammered and generally went nuts for The Kaiser Chiefs and spoke to the DJ about The Super Furry Animals and how I really have to buy Mwng.
Anyway it was pretty much your general night out but for my birthday, Josh was the only person who bought me a drink so big up to him!!!
Oh and Stacey saw her media studies teacher and Frost and Pennie being them wanted her number just cos she was a teacher, so they've blatantly got some classroom fetish thing going on there. Anyway they've both been properly denying it since.
So I went back to Stacey's with, would you believe it, Stacey!!! which was terribly fantasticly nice and wonderful as was Sunday which is a Sunday which i won't forget ever til the day I slip off somewhere else, I mean we watched Thunderbirds The Movie!
Anyway it was a full 53 hours or so spent with Satcey and they were the most awesome i have ever had, seriously!!

Anyway that's all a pretty concise version of events but y'know it's all YOU need to know!

So I've kind of left this journal too long so I'm skipping and forgetting loads of stuff that I've done.
I wen't and saw the Incredibles with Stacey last week which is awesome and really worth checking out cos it was just excellent.

The Friday was spent round Stacey's wooh! wooh! Saturday AM was a mad dash rushing from Penarth to Cowbridge so I could get to work (It sucks always having to leave Stacey :( ) THis involved a pit-stop at Maccy Ds for some water so i could brush my teeth in the Hurran's car park. Then I was working loads and loads missing someone (ahem!) loads and loads.

Then Sunday was the awesomeness that is the combined power of People in Planes and JARCREW. Awww that gig was great. Work went on for ages waiting for the evening when I went round Stacey's so we could go in to THE GIG. People in Planes were good John the drummer is becoming a bit of a chum we have this drummer thing going and he's generally nice and a cool guy so we had a bit of a chat.

But Jarcrew are just awesome with new bassist Ricardo, they've gone all futureheadsy with their vocals and Kelson is still the man they are just all so cool. Gonna get me some of those black converse wicky wah!! The new stuff was all cool they've started writing much more chorus based songs which were sweet. 'Twas a thoroughly good evening.

Monday was a band prac. we have a new song 'Jack Daniels' which is awesome to play and we shall premiere on Thursday in Barfly.
Manics postponed thier gig which was a bummer but Stacey and I went to Cardiff for the evening anyway which was thoroughly awesome :)
Which pretty much brings me to now without mentioning work basically.

Yeah so it's the FF Vinyl Christmas party tomorrow in Barfly which should be good (well it will be because we're playing) :)

Sweet!! new Doves album next year luverly!!! Gotta love Doves.
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If you think you know what happen's next... [Dec. 14th, 2004|06:36 pm]
[mood |exhaustedexhausted a bit less demented]
[music |Daisies of the Galaxy]

errr I am completely destroyed and dunno what to write. So much stuff has happened and the process of writing about it all seems incredibly daunting, shibby shoo I'm listening to The Eels. damn you Amazon where's my Willy Mason CD?

So My birthday weekend was incredibly incredible with a sprinkling of awesomeness on top!!! Stacey came on friday Wooh woop!! And we went to the Golden Well with la famille for a chinese mealy type thing which very nice and luverly. So Stacey stayed round the night :) (still can't get over the fact that she's my girlfriend, just, Oh My Good God!)
Anyhoo Saturday was my birthday, yes this good planet has suffered me for 19 of it's years :o shocking! So I woke up and was just awesome cos Stacey was there and yeah AWESOME! Breakfast was some crappy bacon as usual and I opened my presents which was a new Mobile Telephoneeee from my parents, a wallet from my sister and the grand total of £25 in cash from relatives. (That's one thing that sucks about being the old 19, no gifts really from relatives, ah well!)
So after having a fiddle with the phone Stacey and I dossed around for a bit and watched Dick and Dom for some early morning hilarity,(Hairy Holmes? Sheer genius).
Zen ve drove down to Penarth where, coincidentally, Stacey lives. I know!
And I got Stacey's presents which are frickin brilliant btw, i got some paints and crayons, a pair of magnetic rabbits (still not sure what they do), a spy ear (oh my god! it's surprisingly useful), An "Access All Areas" badge, The Winter Warmers CD, A gene Kruper 'Drummin' Man' CD and a Mr Perfect book. And I was just like CREAMCAKES!!!!!!!!
Even Stacey's parents got me a present, Superman Pyjamas which are most excellent.
I'm v tired from work today so this'll have to be a to be continued..... type thingy.
But I'm sure you people who aren't reading this can handle the suspense, byedoobeedeebye!!!
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Shibby shooby shazaaaaargh [Dec. 7th, 2004|08:20 pm]
[mood |sillysilly]
[music |Winter Warmers oh yeah!!! Lovin The Bravery + Kaiser Chiefs]

Stacey, Creamcakes, Awesome!!!!
Flibulativeflattyfuttywooooperspoodynerbergerbershaberberdoobydoobydoodoodoodoodaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hmmmm hmmmm haaaaaaa!!!? eh? hmmmmm! :) :) :) :o :) :):) :) :o :O :O :) :) :(

1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1=19 years


That's kinda my weekend in interpaerative something or other, I guess, does make sense if you know what I'm on about I think not even sure i know what it means to be honest!

Anyway BLOODY AWESOME also goes someway to getting it right, anyhoo off i pop!!
Probably better write about it when I'm not being so demented.

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Things what have happened in my life. [Nov. 30th, 2004|08:38 pm]
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |The Smiths]

Apparently this is the number one coolest thing to do on Friday evening according to The NME Cool List, so I dunno if it's any cooler doing it on a tuesday, whatever!

Anyhoo today has to have been one of the most tediously dull of my life (so i'll write about it for your enjoyment ;) he he!).

************HUGE MASSIVE MEGA RANT ALERT!!!!! BE WARNED********************

Work officially sucks now, moustachioed old biddies are really starting to get on my nerves yeuch! (Yes I'm a heartless bastard!),I suppose they do pay my wages when they're buying their crappy plastic christmas decorations/monstrosities.
The tills are nest to the main exit so it's always sodding freezing all the time, oh there's a tiny heater behing the desk but that only manages to burn my knees while my feet quietly get frost bitten ARGH!!
Tomorrow i was thinking 'At Last! A day off' But no I've got to work again, i'm sick of being tired!
It's one thing after another, and why is there always a queue when the till decides to screw up????
The whole thing is made worse by the fact that I really miss Stacey and can't wait to see her on Friday :)('Twas the thought of her which kept me going today lame as it sounds)!

***************************RANT OVER************************************************

I went to Tescos earlier and managed to spend 7 1/2 hours of work money in, oh um, 10 minutes!!
I bought The Smiths "Singles" because I'm a bit partial to Moz and Marr also bought some Coke. Then blew the rest on petrol <---- This stuff ain't cheap!!

I'm reading Fashion is a Passion at the 'mo about The Clash. As a result Mick Jones = cool in extremus. Joe "Woody" "John Mellor" Strummer = Strange awesome enigma cowboy poet type person. Paul Simonon = Bass player who likes to paint like Van Gogh. Topper Headon = ? Haven't got that far yet. I relly am writing utter bollocks but I'm kerrrrnackered so you know.

This weekend's gonna be awesome I think that's why work is so shitty cos It can't finish soon enough.
Anyway on Friday it's a meal with the Famille but most importantly Stacey as well, the Stacey's staying over for saturday which is MY BIRTHDAY. Then i guess we spend Saturday being lazy then in the evening its orf to Cardiff to go drinking and hopefully my buddies will come for an evening in Clwb Ifor. Then I'm staying round Stacey's I think/hope.

I didn't write about our gig in Barfly I'll do that next time 'twas good i think though, I'm not sure.

ANYWAY I'm quite tired and wrecked I'm gonna have a bath an wallow in my filth.

I'm not an angry person! Just tired and crotchety today.
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This is Radio Clash [Nov. 22nd, 2004|03:21 pm]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |Ivan Meets G.I. Joe - The Clash, Ryan Adams in the Car]

Ivan Meets G.I. Joe has got to be the weirdest Clash song ever, very cool but very weird. Anyhoo passed my driving test on Wednesday with 5 minors Woop!! I did consider snogging the examiner for passing me but decided against embarassing the short balding chap and myself for that matter! So it has been a week of just pure awesomeness.

I started work last friday which was tres dull i'm back in again tomorrow to stand around with some old people and get payed £5 an hour for it which is cool.

Friday was a pretty magnificent day mainly because Stacey came round for the night for the first time and it was quite frankly one of the most brilliant times I've ever had.

Anyway it's all been pretty general and awesome and I KNOW i'll remember these past few weeks forever anyway so i'm not gonna write much more cheerio for now!
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I Predict A Riot [Nov. 15th, 2004|04:55 pm]
[mood |weirdweird]
[music |I Predict a Riot - kaiser Chiefs, Ryan Adams lots of it]

My Current addictions:
-Talking about, thinking about and being with Stacey.
-Phoning Stacey.
-Playing Solitaire on Vegas mode till I win, then some more.
-7UP, drinking as much as possible at every opportunity.
-Listening to more Ryan Adams than is probably healthy.
-Listening to I Predict A Riot by Kaiser Chiefs on repeat, then more Ryan Adams.
-Fiddling with my hair.
-Looking at my new green converse.
-Watching Neighbours, twice a day! (sick I know!!)
-Flapjacks, and those tiny tescos brownies :)
-Tea with a shitload of sugar and tiny bit of milk.
-Singing Can't Take My Eyes of You by Andy Williams.

I'm sure there are more I just can't think of them right now, oh inadvertently slipping into a westcountry accent thats one of the more annoying ones and probably isnt an addiction more a stupid habit. :)

Yeah so the weekend was pretty good. Friday was the best day I went to the cinema with Stacey (saw Bad Santa, Awesome!! Billy Bob Thornton rules!!) We bumped into soooo many people, Rob and fran were there seeing Bridget Jones ahem! We also saw Stacey's compadres Kate and Trisha and two others but I cant remeber their names (sorry!) Then when we left the cinema we saw Josh Drgregory which was weird cos he'd been in the same film and everything, spooky! Then in the Bus Station we bumped into my buddy Adit who was down from Imperial College where he's doing medicine which was awesome he's an ace guy!

Anyway I was in the train station at 11:09 with Stacey saying goodbye and stuff which sucks when i saw the last 11:15 bus, i repeat 11:15 you bastard people at First Buses, leaving the station. My mouth literally dropped open. So I phoned me dad, he'd been drinking and couldn't get me and i had a driving lesson at 8:30 the next morning so basically i ended up staying round Stacey's house which was incredibly brilliantly awesome!:) After my dad picked me up and was moody with me for making him get up at quarter to seven to pick me up from Penarth, I was so happy i didnt care, i had a shitty driving lesson and spent the rest of Saturday generally bumming around.

Sunday was pretty good I got me some new green converse, proper winter colours, also got a skinny tie and some blue and purple gloves all at bargain prices.

Yeah so generally i'm pretty bored now
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I'm spinning round the room in awe [Nov. 9th, 2004|10:17 pm]
[mood |ecstaticCompltely frickin 100% awesome]
[music |Rock n Roll - Ryan Adams, Iwan's Cruisin Choons by Stacey]

Haven't written much on here for a while so thought i might as wll do it now while i'm doing nothing else apart from staring at google wondering what to do, and as you can see i have decided to do this because well i've explained that.

Anyhoo quite a bit has happened since I last wrote anything on here. At the moment I'm in the studio with the band for the week recording three songs for demos and stuff. We always do the drums first basically so all the instruments are in time and have something to follow so i finished my part on monday. So basically now i just sit and drink tea and 7up (my current addictions) and occasionally say what i think would sound nice. Anyway we should be able to use these demos to get even more gigs etc etc etc as yul brenner said in the king and i, i think.

I have this strange knack of leaving things to the completely last minute, til people are ready to kill (i.e. parents) anyway I've been treading on very thin ice regarding the fact that i have no job recently. Anyway i was given the deadline of last friday to have a job or to expect very little from my parents anymore who i'm pretty dependent on. So i had two days to find a job then after months of everyone saying sod off with the jobs I get the first one i apply for so i start on the 19th at Hurran's garden centre as an assistant whatever and get payed £5 an hour which is awesome :) That's the kind of luck i have just things always seem to work themselves out without my having to do too much its rather strange yet rather awesome.

This all happened last friday which was one of the best days I've had in such a long time and now I'm fully made up happy and chuffed to bits with everything.

Friday was the perfect day, I got a job. Then I was wondering down the Morgan Arcade in Cardiff (for reasons i will explain later) the only person there, when who's walking towards me? Only James Dean Bradfield from the Manics (He's one of my all time heroes ages 13-16 were spent listening to manics and being moody). Anyway I said hello then had a full blown conversation with him about my band and how the manics recorded their new album with Tony Visconti. I mean i've met him twice before but i never really spoke to him, he was the nicest chap and really just awesome, i was holding his hand and just saying awesome! with the biggest grin on my face. I'm grinning now just thinking bout it :)

Anyway the rason i was in Cardiff I was heading to penarth to meet Stacey WOOOH! Perfect end to a perfect day. It was bonfire night so I went with her and her family to the penarth fireworks and it was just incredibly brilliant!!
Over half term she was away in Majorca and i missed her terribly and was a bit moody somedays. So i didn't think I'd see her til bonfire night, but she came back early on halloween and I got to go with her and her family to a halloween party i was completely made up to be with her again. Then i saw her again on wednesday at Josh's party we both got mildly drunk and it was awesome.
Then i spent the night with her on friday just feeling happy as larry and completely content with everything :) Creamcakes CREAMCAKES!!!!

Yeah all my adjectives and modifiers are disgustingly positive but i am the happiest I have been in a long long long time so meh!!! To everyone who wants to ruin that cos i ain't gonna let you!
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Errr today i guess!!! [Oct. 24th, 2004|11:37 pm]
[mood |goodgood]
[music |Franz Ferdinand - The whoooooooooole Album]

Today started off in an incredibly dull way with me reading sunday supplements and eating super noodles. Stacey went to Majorca yesterday n im pining for her. Though when I saw her the other day she gave me an awesome mix tape full of choice choons. Anyhoo thursday was good with her we went to shot in the dark and they were projecting Edward Scissorhands on the ceiling and it was generally brilliant and cosy just flopped down on a leather sofa together. So yeah I'm a bit down about not even being able to phone her at the moment, but other than that I'm good.

So this afto Jim picked me up and him me and frost all went to pennie's house where we enjoyed oven cooked frozen food and watching MTV2, and computer visualisations along to The Martini Henry Rifles.
We discussed the band some image etc. the Rob situation (rather frustrating that one). I also retrieved my Franz CD from Pennie's clutches after its months of incarceration.

Generally a very general day involving not much at all I'm counting the days to Stacey's return, I've decided I'm gonna be as soppy about her as I like and I don't care who knows it :)

SO general general back to some much needed iPOD maintenance methinks Ho Hum!
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Chicka Chicka CHA!!! [Oct. 21st, 2004|01:20 pm]
[music |Pretty Girls Make Graves - Good Health and Kaiser Chiefs :)]

It's official The Kaiser Chiefs are one of the rockingestestest bands around, they wre frickin awesome on friday at the Gonzo gig as were My Red Cell and the less said about Thirteen Senses the better (though they wre thoroughly nice chaps) Roadying was excellent fun as in we did some stuff at the beginning and end of the day and stole from the band's buffet for the rest of it. Zane Lowe is an exceptionally cool guy we had an ace conversation about the Thirteen Senses drummer being a composit of pretty much all of Kasabian!! :)
We (me n Frost) were pretty much literally being paid to be at a gig I would've normally paid to go to AWESOME!!!

Anyhoo last night was our gig in the Monkey Cafe in Swansea (Stacey couldn't come and that sucked). It was an awesome night we haven't gigged in ages and it was really good to be out playing live again with The Next Nine Years who are all really ace guys. I think we picked a few more fans of the Rabbit last night, I did a pretty major fuck up during one song but i think i got away with it. :) I'm pretty hungover now though we were given free beer and I haven't drunk properly for ages and it's showing now.

We're back in the studio in November for a week we should get quite a bit done hopefully! All this band stuff is t'riffic!!!

Well time to dash, I'm meeting Stacey before she goes to Majorca (Sob!).
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Twas Gonzo Eve and all was quiet........ [Oct. 14th, 2004|07:11 am]
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |Evan Dando - Baby I'm Bored]

Tomorrow's gonna be cool I'm roadying Gonzo at Cardiff Barfly officially!!! I'm a pretty bummed that I couldn't get Stacey in tho! Anyhoo it should be a good time hulking stuff around on behalf of Zane and the rest of the gang.

Yesterday was another immensely awesome weird day spent in part with Stacey. Had a driving lesson in the morning my instructor is really starting to annoy me now after the best part of 18 months (he dribbles!!!).

The afternoon was spent with another failed attempt at finding a job whilst listening to Jarcrew and assorted bands :) I bought Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka with a book voucher I had, quite strange don't quite get it yet especially the medititations, wuh??!!!??

After wondering round in a completely unjustifiable state of paranoia possibly the brooding tension bettweens the Polska and Cymru fans, matchdays in Cardiff lovely!! Well I met up with Stacey of course which was the highlight of my day, we went to our usual places around Cardiff which is great.
Then we met one of Stacey's friends Josh DrGregory (That's his realy name!) Apparently he really wanted to meet me and he was a thoroughly cool guy we had a hearty discussion about Terry Gilliam movies and the Lemonheads (Yes he's heard of the Lemonheads!!).

Anyhoo it's getting harder to say goodbye to Stacey each time now which is pretty damn awesome cos i just cant help liking her loads.

Anyway on that soppy not i shall be off.
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